• Imprints on any type of material and clothing.
  • On warning vests, jackets, fleece, hats, umbrellas, work clothes, bags and T-shirts.
  • Straps and reflective inscriptions on workwear and other clothing.
  • Single, individual clothing decorating: names, surnames, sports numbers (from PLN 2).
  • Different paints, structures and brocades.
  • Different printing techniques: screen printing, thermal transfer, flock / flex.

Screen printing - the technique of applying paints through screen printing, directly on fabric or other material.It allows you to make very diverse prints, e.g. rubberized, completely integrated with clothing, with a structured surface, with brocade, 3D, etc.
The most often thermoset printing.Very durable.

Termotransfer - a technique involving the transfer of printing, made with a special paint on the appropriate paper, through a thermal press, on ready clothing or fabric.
Very precise imprints.High durability and opacity of colors.

Flock - velvet prints, screen printing or plots cut out of flock foil and transferred with a thermal transfer press of appropriate temperature and pressure.
They are characterized by a perfect covering of dark colors.They are very visually attractive and durable.

Top quality Advertising on ribbons (advertising ribbons, company ribbons, promotional ribbons, ribbons with print, ribbings on ribbons)

We send the finished product to any place or it remains to be picked up at the company's headquarters.